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Customer Support and the Art of Transparency

Posted by Stephen Young on Feb 12, 2014 3:58:15 AM

With a strong commitment to constant innovation, this week at Square 9 we officially launched a new web app for our user community that provides real time insight into our support queue, including the Average Wait Time for a response to a logged case. Additionally this app provides the ability to create a new case or view support hours while on the go, from your mobile phone or tablet device. Yet the Support Queue app’s indisputable value is in the visibility it provides a person requiring software support. This app, which was the brainchild of our Software Support team, publicly releases critical data previously only available internally for managing the effectiveness of customer service levels.

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Enterprise Content Management vs. a Shared File System

Posted by Stephen Young on Aug 14, 2012 9:55:37 AM


While Enterprise Content Management is being increasingly embraced throughout all vertical markets, the same timeless question still seems to come up periodically: What is the real advantage of ECM over my shared file system? What is the real advantage of ECM over my shared file system?

The shared file system or H: Drive as it is commonly referred to in many organizations provides a centralized location on the network where shared files can be stored. The idea is that users can use this shared space to collaborate on content development while also jointly accessing archived records that have been scanned as PDF files.

In principle it sounds like an inexpensive way to increase communication and collaboration, much like what an ECM solution has to offer. In fact the shared file system is the first step towards embracing a true content management system in many cases, but this system is not without its limits.

Below are five key differences to consider but the list certainly does not stop here.

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