How Capture Automation Paves the Path to Efficiency

Posted by Lauren Ford on Feb 8, 2017 1:15:00 PM

In today's increasingly competitive world, it’s essential to measure daily productivity. To keep pace, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible, especially when time and resources are limited. It is up to you to take advantage of the ideal opportunity to work smarter, not harder.

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3 Key Benefits of Automated Invoice Processing

Posted by Alyssa Anderson on Jul 1, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Even within the world of rapid technology advancement, paper isn’t going away anytime soon. This is especially true in Accounts Payable (AP) departments. While the amount of invoices received differs based on company size, number of vendors and industry, AIIM research finds that invoices represent around 77% of business documents. A typical AP employee spends on average 30-40% of their time mining invoices for information, proving that manual data processing is an ineffective use of time and resources.

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Reinventing Accounts Payable with Document Management

Posted by Alyssa Anderson on Apr 22, 2016 4:40:02 PM

Every business has invoices to pay. Whether one clerk or a team of 20, the Accounts Payable (AP) process is universal and one of the most heavily stricken by paperwork. The constant influx of invoices, purchase orders and packing slips can seem never ending, one pile after another. Even worse, managing paper-based documents can drive up costs and create inefficiencies in daily performance. From fraudulent charges, to missed deadlines and double payments (yes, I said DOUBLE), the best way to ensure your invoices are paid properly is by taking Accounts Payable digital.

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3 Reasons Your Company Needs Document Management Software

Posted by Alyssa Anderson on Apr 1, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Almost every business handles paperwork - from invoices, to forms, even contracts. As your business continues to grow, paperwork starts to pile up, slowing down the flow of business information and productivity. This in return, creates storage issues, increases costs and ineffective collaboration between workers. These are challenges that any business can face, especially in areas like human resources, accounting, or any other paper-reliant department. The solution is simple. Eliminate business inefficiencies in your organization today by implementing an easy to use digital storage method.

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5 Reasons Why ECM Software is Critical for Productivity

Posted by Lauren Ford on Feb 12, 2016 3:20:02 PM

There are many reasons why content management software is important to your business. Regardless of industry or size, implementing a content management strategy can increase efficiency, security and collaboration. Each is integral to running a successful business. Smart content management will enable you to streamline all of your day-to-day document demands. With this software in place, you can spend less time sorting through documents and more time doing business. 

Here are 5 reasons why content management software is critical for boosting business productivity:

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Dollars and Sense: Save $100,000 Annually plus Hours of Valuable Time

Posted by Lauren Ford on May 22, 2014 5:53:49 AM


According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, finding a lost document will cost a company $122 on average. It is also estimated that 7.5% of all company documents are lost completely. Let’s assume your company works with 10,000 documents – an extremely light figure. That would mean, about 750 of those documents are doomed to be lost, ultimately costing your company around $91,500. Plus, if you had to recreate any lost documents, the time and supplies involved would make that number jump well over the $100,000 mark.

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