6 of the Best (and Worst) Methods in Secure File Sharing

Posted by Lauren Ford on Apr 3, 2014 7:37:44 AM


Without effective document sharing, many businesses could not operate. Whether sharing data internally or externally, organizations across all markets from hospitals to law offices, financial firms and more, depend on using the safest practices in information distribution.

Sharing sensitive client and patient information is risky, so deciding on the most secure yet accurate method is crucial. Protected yet accessible, document management software provides the very best solutions in document delivery versus standard and unsecure paper handling. Let’s take a moment to explore the best and worst methods in secure file sharing.

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Is Your Workflow ESIGN Compliant?

Posted by Lauren Ford on May 13, 2013 1:06:28 PM


Increasingly organizations are moving away from their paper-based ways of doing business and implementing document management with workflow to streamline their processes. It makes sense to take a process that repeats itself frequently like invoice approval routing or contract reviews and automate the flow of information.

Frequent questions arise including: “What about our approval processes, are they compliant without a physical signature? Are digital signatures using PKI required to make a transaction valid?” Or just “what makes you think this is legal?” Let’s start by looking at the laws regarding electronic signatures and what’s required of you.

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Enterprise Content Management vs. a Shared File System

Posted by Stephen Young on Aug 14, 2012 9:55:37 AM


While Enterprise Content Management is being increasingly embraced throughout all vertical markets, the same timeless question still seems to come up periodically: What is the real advantage of ECM over my shared file system? What is the real advantage of ECM over my shared file system?

The shared file system or H: Drive as it is commonly referred to in many organizations provides a centralized location on the network where shared files can be stored. The idea is that users can use this shared space to collaborate on content development while also jointly accessing archived records that have been scanned as PDF files.

In principle it sounds like an inexpensive way to increase communication and collaboration, much like what an ECM solution has to offer. In fact the shared file system is the first step towards embracing a true content management system in many cases, but this system is not without its limits.

Below are five key differences to consider but the list certainly does not stop here.

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